Planetary Annihilation: TITANS

TITANS es la gran expansión independiente de Planetary Annihilation, Juego RTS de escala masiva, que incluye el juego base y agrega toneladas de nuevas características. ¡Devasta a tus enemigos con 5 súper unidades masivas de la clase Titán como el robot Atlas que estremece la tierra y el dirigible Zeus que lleva el rayo! ¡Amplía tu arsenal estratégico con 16 unidades nuevas, como versátiles tanques tipo libración, indomables naves acorazadas orbitales y voraces nanobot enjambres!

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Product Description


TITANS is the huge stand-alone expansion to the already massive-scale RTS Planetary Annihilation, which includes the base game and adds tons of new features:

Devastate your enemies with 5 massive Titan-class super units like the earth-shaking Atlas bot and lightning-wielding Zeus airship!

Expand your strategic arsenal with 16 new units such as versatile Hover Tanks, indomitable Orbital Battleships, and voracious Nanobot Swarms!

Elevate your game with new planets that feature multi-level terrain available in both single and multiplayer. Get up to speed faster with a new, streamlined tutorial experience, then take your game to the next level with the new Bounty Mode option for AI skirmish and multiplayer,

Including everything you loved about Planetary Annihilation:

  • Epic Scale – Command armies with numbers in the thousands across multiple planets on land, sea, air, and even in orbit.
  • Epic Single-Player – Galactic War is a twist on traditional real-time strategy campaigns that has players battling across a dynamic galaxy filled with procedurally-generated content. Every playthrough is different.
  • Epic Multiplayer – Play with up to ten friends (or enemies) in massive free-for-all and team-based matches. Or, compete in the 1v1 ranked play ladder.
  • Smash Planets – End games by destroying entire planets with giant lasers, asteroid collisions, and the new planet-splitting Ragnarok Titan!
  • Advanced Command And Control – Automate your armies with intuitive controls and features, allowing you to create and manage massive armies and production lines with ease across multiple fronts on multiple planets at once!
  • Instant Replays – View in-match recordings in real-time while matches are in progress. See when a battle turned by rewinding the game to any point, and use Play From Here to turn it back in your favor.*Must meet Minimum System Requirements for offline play

Requisitos de Sistema

LicenciaClave Digital (Key)
SistemasWin / Mac / Linux
IdiomasEsp / Eng + 5 Idiomas
CaracterísticasMultijugador Multiplataformal
Un JugadorSi

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