Clickteam Fusion 2.5

¡La creación de juegos y software nunca ha sido más fácil o más rápida que con Clickteam Fusion 2.5! Descubra la herramienta utilizada por tantos profesionales multimedia, creadores de juegos y personas creativas de todos los ámbitos de la vida. Con el increíble sistema de edición de eventos de CF2.5, puede generar rápidamente juegos o aplicaciones sin dominar un lenguaje de programación tradicional.

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Product Description

Game and software creation has never been easier or quicker than with Clickteam Fusion 2.5! Discover the tool used by so many multimedia professionals, game creators, and creative people from all walks of life.

With CF2.5’s amazing event editor system you are able to quickly generate games or apps without mastering a traditional programming language.

Within your first hour you will have learned the basics of the tool. Compile a windows app with a mouse click, Or target additional platforms like iOS, Android, Flash and XNA (Windows Mobile phone and Xbox) with the purchase of our optional exporters. 

Harness the power of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 today.

Steam Games #MadeWithFusion

Amazing Features from the Original Drag and Drop Programming Tool

-Make your first game in under an hour!
-No need for previous programming knowledge
-Easy to use and intuitive physics engine
-The original and world famous Event Editor makes programming a breeze
-Used by professionals and students alike
-Shader effects available
-Inserting assets is as easy as drag and drop
-Publish games and apps for multiple platforms
-Complete creative flexibility
-Hardware accelerated games and apps
-Outstanding, friendly community support

Build for many platforms with optional exporters

Generates HTML5 on the fly and runs automatically in your browser
Open extension SDK for endless functionality
Use hardware acceleration & shaders on powerful Windows machines
100’s of additional objects provide additional functionality to the tool
Build directly from CF2.5 to any of your Android devices and build APKs
Access the Android OS with our simple permissions management system
Build games for all iOS touch devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod
Maximize control options with the Accelerometer and Multitouch interface objects
Build Games for Xbox and Windows 8 Mobile
Multiple Control options for Multiple Platforms
Produce quality Flash content in record time
Fully Customizable SWF Generated Easily
LicenciaClave Digital (Key)
IdiomasInglés / Francés / Japonés
CaracterísticasHerramienta de Programación
Un JugadorSi

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